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Recent Tips and Articles by Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC

Steps Toward A Great-Looking Lawn

Having a beautiful lawn here in Trussville requires a lot of work. Unfortunately, there is not one simple magic step to achieving a great-looking lawn! But you can get the help of a weed control and fertilization expert like Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC to get there. […]

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Pre-Emergent Herbicide – What is it? When To Apply it?

In weed control and fertilization, as well as in other areas of life, many times, it is easier to prevent a problem from starting rather than to resolve a problem that has already escalated. In lawn care, this is very true in weed control. For example, […]

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4 Ways To Keep Your Lawn Healthy Through The Winter

While your lawn and trees may not need as much attention during the wintertime, it is still an ideal time to make plans for their care throughout the rest of the year. Winter can be a harsh time for your lawn as plants and grass go […]

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Early Season Lawn Care In Alabama

Here in Alabama, it is a common and accepted practice to scalp Bermuda and zoysia grasses early in the spring. The primary benefit of scalping is to allow the lawn to turn green earlier. This “greening up” is caused by removing the dormant grass which allows […]

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Scalping A Bermuda Or Zoysia Lawn In Alabama

At my personal home and Trussville, Alabama, I have centipede grass in my lawn. As a lawn care professional, I realize this puts me in the minority because most people in this part of Alabama have Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is extremely drought tolerant and provides […]

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Common Winter Weeds Found In Alabama Lawns

Here at Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC, weeds are the problem that we are targeting. It is important to properly identify weeds to know how to best treat them. Here are some of the weeds found in lawns this winter and early spring. The weeds are controlled […]

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