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Complete Fertilization Programs For Superior Lawn & Yard Maintenance In Trussville

Fertilization program

By calling on Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC for our lawn care and fertilization programs, you will effectively ensure that your lawn in Trussville is healthy, well-fed, and taken care of. This means you will benefit from thick, vibrant turf whose robust root system will be able to brave the cold, heat, drought, traffic, mowing, and numerous other factors it is so often exposed to. To boot, a beautiful, adequately nourished lawn will increase the overall curb appeal levels your property boasts. If you're thinking of putting your property up for sale on the real estate market, then you should probably consider fertilization and weed control as a surefire way of enhancing its aspect.

Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC provides a proven, seven-application program for fertilization and weed control, which includes a particular approach for each season. The end goal will be to grow thick, green, healthy turf while also controlling weeds that can harm your lawn and your curb appeal. These goals are accomplished by industry-trained technicians using top-quality lawn care products. Late winter and early spring are the best times to prevent summer weeds while also targeting existing cool-season weeds. We apply pre-emergent products to prevent crabgrass and other warm-season weeds. In late spring, lawns need to be adequately fed so that they have all the energy they need to thrive, as well as to combat broadleaf weeds.

In late spring, Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC can come to your assistance with both weed control and fertilization for Trussville, protecting your lawn against pesky, unwanted plant growth and giving it the extra nutrients it needs to thrive and grow. Summer is a stressful time, with lots of heat and traffic, as well as insects, so we also apply the proper products to ward off these dangers that can affect your lawn. And, of course, fall is the time to apply pre-emergents for cool-season weeds to give you a clean yard in the winter months and set it up for success in the coming year.

However, applying weed control products is not the only step to take toward a beautiful lawn. One of the best ways to control weeds is by growing thick, healthy turf. A thick, beautiful lawn will do a better job of choking out weeds than a thinner lawn. This can be seen in many lawns where the most likely spot to get weeds is in areas where the grass is thin and not as healthy. This is why we apply premium-quality fertilizers-- to give your lawn the strength it needs to fight back against the growth of pesky weeds.

Keep reading to learn more about our weed control and fertilization services here in Trussville, along with some special pest control services to aid your lawn in its health.

Pre application

Pre And Post-Emergent Application

Pre-emergent weed control applications destroy weeds before they have a chance to grow, while post-emergent applications are designed to attack and kill weeds that have already begun to grow. This application controls existing broadleaf weeds with a post-emergent herbicide and a crabgrass treatment designed to target crabgrass and other warm-season weeds during germination.

Broad leaf

Spring Fertilizer Application

This application uses a premium, slow release fertilizer that helps the lawn turn "green up" faster in the spring. We also target existing weeds during this application. Mowing the lawn during the spring will also help your lawn turn green quicker by allowing sunlight to warm the soil.


Spring Pre Emergent Application

This application uses an expensive, yet very effective pre emergent herbicide which does wonders to help with summer weeds. No product is perfect, in my opinion, this application is the best on the market to control tough warm season weeds.

Early summer

Early Summer Fertilization And Spot Treatment For Weeds

This application uses premium quality, slow-release fertilizer to feed your lawn for the remainder of the growing season. By utilizing slow-release Polyon fertilizer, nutrients will continue to feed the lawn for the length of the growing season, providing vibrant color and healthy growth when properly watered. After all, grass needs water to properly absorb the nutrients in the fertilizer. Our technicians will also spot-treat your lawn for any existing weeds to ensure it is clean and clear of them.

Late summer

Late Summer Weed Control

This liquid application targets warm-season weeds that grow throughout the warm weather months in Trussville. These weeds include spurge, nutsedge, kyllinga, Virginia buttonweed, and more. Many people think that it's too late to take care of weeds in the last weeks of summer because winter will come around soon enough to kill them. But Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC knows that if you want to have a healthy lawn, weed control is necessary all year long! Even in the midst of winter in Alabama, weeds can grow and thrive, ruining the look of your lawn.

Early summer

Fall Pre/Post Emergent Application

This application is a liquid treatment designed to control cool-season weeds that would appear on the lawn during the winter and early spring months. As mentioned above, weeds don't stop even when temperatures drop! It's important to have weed control during cooler months, so your lawn doesn't become unhealthy over the season. If your grass is weaker during the winter months, then it could be more affected by weeds later in the spring.

Lime application

Lime Application

This application uses a soil amendment made from ground limestone. Grass grows best within a certain pH range, and soils in Trussville, Gardendale, and other suburbs need this special lime mixture to raise the pH of the soil to a level better suited for bermudagrass, centipede grass, and zoysia grass to grow. We add this lime application to your lawn to help the grass be able to absorb nutrients, leading to a healthier turf in the long run.

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