Lawn care in Trussville, Alabama is and probably will continue to be something to which many homeowners invest a lot of time and money.  People down South care a lot about football and having a beautiful lawn. That being said, as a weed control professional, I do see many homeowners make mistakes with their lawn.  Hopefully the tips in this article will help you reach your goals for your yard this year.

1. Selecting the proper grass type

Sometimes I see homeowners who buy and lay sod in a particular area that is not well suited for that particular type of grass.  For example, I remember seeing a homeowner who had just purchased squares of bermuda sod and was placing them on a hillside under a shade tree.  Unfortunately, I had to inform her that that grass was not do well in that particular location.  I encouraged her to choose a zoysia grass that would tolerate more shade or to put the Bermuda grass in the location that would receive more sunlight.  If your lawn gets a limited amount of sunlight, I would encourage you to choose emerald Zoysia for your grass type.  Z-52 Zoysia is also considerably more shade tolerant than Bermuda.  If your lawn has plenty of sunshine, then Bermuda grass will suits you fine. I also deal with some centipede and St Augustine lawns. Trussville is a little far north for St Augustine grass, but it will survive here.   The risk with St Augustine grass is that it may be damaged during a cold winter.  Centipede lawns can do well here, but they require some different care than a Bermuda or Zoysia lawn. […]