About Us

Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC is a lawn care company offering weed control and fertilization service in Trussville, Alabama.  A beautiful lawn is the desire of most homeowners, however many homeowner’s are unable to achieve the desired lawn care results on their own.  Alabama Lawn Pros uses a proven 6 application lawn treatment programs using professional weed control products as well as premium slow release Polyon fertilizer to achieve fantastic results.Weed Control

Our proven 6 application program

  • Application 1: Pre and Post-Emergent Application:
    This application controls existing broadleaf weeds with a post emergent herbicide as well as a crabgrass treatment designed to target crabgrass and other warm season weeds during the germination process.
  • Application 2: Broadleaf weed control
    This application controls broadleaf weeds which may have sprouted after application 1 as well as a pre emergent targeting summer weeds which have yet to germinate. This extends the life of the pre-emergent into later in the summer.
  • Application 3: Early Summer Fertilization and Spot Treatment for Weeds
    This application uses a premium quality, slow release fertilizer to feed your lawn for up to 16 weeks. By utilizing slow-release Polyon fertilizer, nutrients will continue to the lawn for the length of the growing season providing good color and growth when properly watered. Technicians will spot treat your lawn for any existing weeds.
  • Application 4: Late Summer Weed Control
    This liquid application targets weeds which sprout during the hot summer months.
  • Application 5: Fall Pre-Emergent Application
    This liquid application targets cool season weeds which germinate in the fall.
  • Application 6: Lime Application
    This application uses a granular lime. Grass grows best within a certain pH range. Soils in the Birmingham area including Trussville, Gardendale, Springville and other suburbs need lime to raise the pH of the soil to a level better suited for bermuda grass, centipede grass, and zoysia grass. The lime helps the grass be able to absorbed nutrients, leading to a healthier turf.

You’ll get an exceptional lawn with the highest level of personal service with Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC, a trusted Trussville Lawn Fertilization company specializing in lawn fertilization and weed control.


Alabama Lawn Pros, LLC has been providing expert lawn fertilization, weed control, and lawn care to
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